THANK YOU to all our sponsors!

If you are interested in making a contribution, either with a financial donation or in-kind support, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

2014 – | Project Lacey Green
ABC Imaging, AET Transport, Andrew Goddard Associates, Arbtech, Blanchford Building Supplies, Country Supplies, Direct Chemicals, Eland Steel, Hawes Plant & Tool Hire, Helpful Hirings, H G Matthews Brickworks, Hilti, Instron, Jewson, John Wells Tress Surgeons, Knauf AMF, M H Hall & Sons Steel Fabricators, Montrose Steel, Paperback, Quattro Cement, South Bucks Tree Surgeons Ltd, Speen Shop Charity Committee, SPH Groundworks

2014 – | Project Tagpuro
Mr & Mrs Belmer, Randi Tyse Eriksen, Tanya McCallin, Brage Vikaune Aftret

2013 | Not What, But How exhibition
Lassco, MGM Carpentry

2013 | Project Hariharpur
The British Council, Ramboll UK, David Chipperfield Architects, Rojo Arkitekter, Svein Skibnes Arkitektkontor, Øystein Thommesen, Madsø Sveen Arkitekter, Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk, Per Knudsen Arkitektkontor, Solem Arkitektur, Arc Arkitekter, Rambøll Trondheim, Arne Winther, Eggen Arkitekter, Manijeh Verghese, NTNU

2013 | Building Community Exhibition
The British Council, The Architectural Association, Michael Frayn, Eric Wragge, Tanya McCallin

2012 | Project Chander Nagar
Lund + Slaatto Arkiekter, NTNU (in-kind support from Ramboll UK & ABC Imaging)

2010 | Project Tacloban
Asplan Viak, Eidsberg Sparebank, Gjensidige Brandkasse Rakkestad, Per Knudsen Arkitektkontor, Rojo Arkitekter, Oystein Thommesen

We’re also enormously grateful for the support, advice, and in-kind help we’ve had from: Charley Brentnall, Tim Lucas, Revathi Kamath, Hans Skotte, Sami Rintala, Ryan LeCluyse, Julia King, the Architectural Association, NTNU, Nabeel Hamdi, TYIN tegnestue, Martand Khosla, CURE India, SEEDs India, Amritha Ballal, Cicely Goulder, Joon Goh, Anil Laul.