Streetlight is an orphanage and school organisation in Tacloban, in the Philippines. Comprising an orphanage, a study and development centre, and a small clinic, it provides education and basic medical care to the children at the orphanage and in the neighbouring communities. On Friday 8th November 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines causing terrible devastation with up to 7,000 lives lost.One of the worst affected regions was the eastern coast of Leyte island which was engulfed by a 6-meter storm surge. The coastal areas of Tacloban were completely flattened. Streetlight served as a refuge during the storm and, despite being forced to evacuate onto the roof by the storm surge, everybody there survived. However the buildings are very badly damaged and need replacing. Large areas of the city have been designated No Build Zones and thousands of families are being relocated to new developments to the north of the city.

Streetlight  secured funding purchased a 4ha site in Barangay Tagpuro, the northernmost relocation zone. This site will accommodate the new Streetlight orphanage, staff housing and a public park. The orphanage itself consists of two dormitory blocks, an office building, a four-bed clinic, a function hall and a study centre. The park will provide a much needed space for the relocated families to mix with the existing Tagpuro community.

Key to the project Tagpuro (2013- ) was to involve the community in the design and construction to ensure that they took ownership of the project and that the principles of good design are passed on. The design was carried out through a continuous series of workshops with the families, the orphanage staff and children. The fathers was trained in construction and employed on site by our contractor. It is hoped that this will lead to improved employment opportunities in the long run. The constrcution is due to complete this agust 2016. For more information, follow our blog.